Sunday, January 15, 2012

out with the old and in with new... part 2

The King is dead... long live the King!

We now have a new website :: :: and a new pool on Flickr that is open to all.

The way we are working the site is as follows...

  1. On Sundays we will post a theme on for the coming week... this week coming, for example, is 'old'. You are free to interpret the theme as you wish.
  2. Take a photo or photos and upload them to the pool in Flickr. You can only post 3 pics per day to the pool (please - no nudity or profanity).
  3. The best of the pics will then be posted to Please ensure your Flickr settings allow us to repost your pics. You will be credited too.
  4. That's it for now. We are looking at expanding the site and the themes in due course... but want to walk before we run.
Please join us over at and start contributing to the blog. 

As for this site, it will not be killed... but it also won't be updated. We'll keep it as a record and an archive.


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