Friday, February 27, 2009


Water, originally uploaded by Joy Inc..

Sometimes the temptation is to take simple things for granted!

Dreaming of a better life?

This is Africa., originally uploaded by rainbowpromise.

[Except i think they got the better life, in reality, away from all our materialism.]

Time-sapping Temptation

Time-sapping Temptation, originally uploaded by robgt.

This car has been sitting in a pub car park near my office for more than two years. Every time I see it my thought process goes:

'second-hand windscreen, front lights, driver's door, front grille, maybe a second hand engine to swap in. Wonder who owns it and how little money I could put it on the road for...'

Ten years ago this would already be parked in my garage until I lost interest and sold it on, probably at a loss.

Maybe some temptations get less as one gets older and, presumably, a little wiser...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Forbidden Fruit (56/365)

Forbidden Fruit (56/365), originally uploaded by Headphonaught.

Tasty Temptation

Tasty (52/365), originally uploaded by stewartcutler.

Sleepy Pup

Sleepy Pup, originally uploaded by senor diecast.


365.49, originally uploaded by rainbowpromise.

It might be the start of Lent today ..but it's also eating disorders awareness week, three years of sobriety for Renee Yohe (of To Write Love On her Arms), and self-injury awareness day on Sunday.

Temptation, you say?

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit, originally uploaded by Joy Inc..

Isn't it funny how we always think of an apple when we think of temptation when the bible merely talks about fruit and even then it's figurative!

The Wilderness of Temptation

thought I'd go for the easy interpretation and start my temptation photos with a picture of the wilderness next to the river Jordan...where Jesus would have been led to hi 40 days of temptation

Lent Themes - Week 1

Lent starts today.

So for the next few weeks how about we try to post some photos on the themes of Lent?

Each Sunday in Lent has a set text. We'll work on the text for the coming Sunday. It's Mark's Gospel this year and if you want to look ahead then you can find the readings on The Text This Week. If we get good at it we could do a daily theme for Holy Week, between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.

We're starting with the verses for Sunday 1 March, Lent 1B.

So, for week 1 the theme is... Temptation.

It's Unclear...

It's Unclear..., originally uploaded by robgt.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Afternoon Snack

From a hint of bergamot

The Village

Days Gone By, originally uploaded by Joy Inc..

Maybe it's a sign...?

Scratch beneath the surface

Tryin’ to capture the magic.
Are we moving too fast?
I think I’m seeing angels
In my photographs
But what does that mean?
In a world that cannot see beyond the tabloid fodder, cannon fodder.
Is that all I am to You?

Scratch below the surface
And find another world.
In trying to be more human
My deeper hopes unfurled
But what does that mean?
Can reality be seen?
He moves to re-enchant us? Investigate us.
Something’s happening. Something new.

- 'Photographs' from Scratch Beneath the Surface by Electralyte.


Thirsty, originally uploaded by robgt.

Barriers needing broken?

One of the many, many pieces of graffiti on the Bethlehem side of the 'security' wall

My shadow family

My shadow family, originally uploaded by littlelaughalot.

This pic was taken a few weeks back when we all went for a walk aroung Lanark Loch. We were watching our shadows on the ground and thought it would make a cool pic of a profile of our family. Even Pippin managed to get in too!


special (50 /365), originally uploaded by stewartcutler.

This is just a shell. But it was given to us by a dear friend on our wedding day. He talked of wedding customs from around the world and how many of them were about a celebration of not just the love between the people being married but also the community aroud them. He gave us this shell from Fiji to remind us of the scale and beauty of that love. It's just an ordinary shell. But to us it adds more than a hint of bergamot.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Colborne St.

Colborne St., originally uploaded by senor diecast.

Just wanted to grab a picture of our downtown on my way home today. Downtown Brantford is an incredible mix of decay and vitality, activity and stillness. It is a source of despair and embarrassment for many while being the birthplace of creativity and passion for so many others. It deserves and will receive a lot more photographic love.

Let He Who is Without Sin...

Stained Glass Window, originally uploaded by Joy Inc..

off the handle

off the handle (49/365), originally uploaded by stewartcutler.

When design fails...

Going Down

Going Down, originally uploaded by robgt.

Golden Rule

Golden Rule Originally uploaded by thePLOWblog

Vital Signs

Vital Signs, originally uploaded by rainbowpromise.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Underground Overground

Underground Overground, originally uploaded by robgt.

Go with the wind?



Kimmidoll, originally uploaded by Joy Inc..

Saw these in a shop in High Street Arcade, Cardiff that as well as clothes sells a whole host of really quirky items such as these dolls! I loved the colour. My fascination with all things Japan kicked in too.


somewhere... (48/365), originally uploaded by stewartcutler.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

candle glow

candle glow, originally uploaded by littlelaughalot.

These are the candle holders I bought at a candle party I was at. You can fill them with things (Ive put in pot pourri) take the tea lighter top off and use as vases, turn them upside down and they hold the tall taper candles! Very versatile. I love them. There is something beautiful about candle light isn't there?

Iron & Steel

Iron & Steel, originally uploaded by Joy Inc..

Taken at St. Fagan's Museum of Welsh Life, Cardiff

Wing Tip Sunrise

What's the point?


Bridges., originally uploaded by rainbowpromise.

The Keys

The Keys

the gathering

the gathering, originally uploaded by stewartcutler.

This is an ornament from our livingroom, bought in a little shop in Keswick main street.

It's a gathering. A coming together. A meeting.

And when you place it in the centre of a room you become part of a greater meeting as the shadows of people flicker on the walls behind you reminding us of those who have walked before us.

Continuing the Conversation

Inspired by Joy Inc.'s table of coffee cups. I thought I would add my cup to the table. :-)