Friday, January 1, 2010

939 posts in 2009

Personally I think this photoblog has been a success... people have come together and posted pics that, for them, demonstrate the specialness hiding within the ordinary & everyday.

From a "big bang" at the start of the year... things tailed off with folks posting as / when the notion took them... usually when they had something awesome to share.

I haven't been the most regular of posters... and I intend for that to change in 2010.

I would also like to make some other changes to this photoblog... and need your help with the following:

1) If you are a contributor... please leave a comment IF YOU WISH TO CONTINUE to contribute. There is little point in being a "named contributor" if you no longer contribute. I will have no ill feeling if you no longer wish to be part of bergamot.

2) If you are a viewer/reader... please lets us know what you want to see/read. Do you want us to link to some of the fab content out there in the photography world... provide hints & tips... learn a wee bit more about a certain something that one of the contributors does? I, for one, want to know how Stewart Cutler gets those fab shots of the moon or how Laura Bridge imagineers such awesome self-portraits.

Please accept my thanks for participating in this photoblog experiment... either as a contributor or as a viewer/reader.

I hope 2010 brings you joy and peace.



RobGT said...

I'm in for another year of contributions! I know that I'm far from the best photographer here, but the encouraging comments from people like Laura and Derek have helped me to develop over the year.

Thomas, thanks for putting this together and acting as amiable host!

Angus Mathie said...

I would share entirely RobGT's comments. Moving house has interrupted my involvement.

Theresa Seeber said...

I'm in - just in the nick of time I see too!

John1954Moi said...

Not posted for a while, but I'm in!

Mark said...

Are you looking for contributors to commit to a certain frequency of posting? Once a week/once a month?

Tobit said...

I am still in, and will continue to post when I can!

Laura Amy said...

Wow.. i'm so slow off the mark, but please keep me in! i need to be much better at remembering to post.

Aldakila said...

haven't posted in a while, intend to sort that for 2010... so I'm in... please

Laura Amy said...

Two thoughts

1. A reminder to post your photos to the Flickr group too, if possible, for ease of access.

2. How would people feel about attempting a 'theme' every now & then, as i think we did for a while?